BEWET or the Boeing Employees Whitewater Et (and) Touring Club is a non-profit, volunteer run, expense shared club. We are made up of Boeing employees, their families, and friends, with our sole purpose of being to allow our members the opportunity to experience the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

BEWET membership is open to all current and retired Boeing employees. Membership is also open to spouses and dependents of Boeing employees as long as the related employee or retiree is a current BEWET member. Non-Boeing employees, such as contractor, vendors, customers and government officials that are assigned to full time company support can also be club members. Non-Boeing individuals can also be associate club members as long as they are provide a benefit to the club.

To become a BEWET member create an account on here. You will then need to pay the membership fee which you can find here.

Associate membership is available to non-Boeing individuals who demonstrate skill that can be utilized and provide a contribution to the club. The BEWET Executive Board grants Associate Membership on a case-by-case basis and my withdraw it at any time. There is no such thing as and Associate "family" membership.

Interns are a Boeing employee and must have a Boeing Membership with BEWET at a $10 fee. Interns may bring guests, however keep in mind guests registrations must pay the full trip fee.

Note: Per Boeing Recreation policy, Boeing employees and on-site contractors must be members to participate in club activities. All guests must be non-Boeing people.

A BEWET member may bring any non-Boeing person with them as a guest. Boeing Recreation policy mandates that anyone who is a Boeing employee must be registered as a member within the club. Thus no Boeing employee can register for a trip as a guest.

BEWET Membership is valid for the current calendar year, January 1 - December 31. There is a grace period from January 1 - May 1 for members to renew their memberships and become current as the majority of BEWET trips occur after May 1.

Yes, however, either a membership for the previous or upcoming whitewater season will be acceptable.

BEWET is a volunteer organization where all the members donate their time to conduct all organizational and skilled activities. All members share the benefits and share the work. Members are expected to contribute time and effort to help make trips run efficiently. Often times, some members participate by being guides, board members, or trip leaders. Rafting participants are expected to offer assistance to guides in the assembly, disassembly, and cleaning of all equipment before and after each trip. Guests are also expected to contribute in all community efforts.

When a member (regular or associate) successfully completes the BEWET guide-training program, he or she no longer has to pay a trip fee to participate on a given trip. In addition, when the guide is acting as the primary guide in a paddle raft, he or she is allowed one (1) complimentary guest on the trip. This is a courtesy and a gratuity to the individuals who spend so much of their personal time benefiting BEWET. Guide trainees do not qualify for this benefit.

Also, once a BEWET member becomes a guide, he or she is eligible to rent club equipment for personal use. This is very beneficial to many guides, as the club has a large inventory of boats, frames, gear and other water related objects that are available to rent for personal use at fractions of the cost of renting gear from a commercial outfitter.

NOTE: only BEWET guides are allowed to rent gear, non-members, guide trainees and regular members are not eligible to rent gear. This ensures that the gear is not abused and used properly. Ultimately, this policy is to protect the equipment as well as maintain BEWET’s private club status.


All rafters must be at least 12 years of age to participate in a BEWET rafting trip.

No problem. Our guides will run over the basic paddle commands, safety techniques, and general river instruction. You'll be good to go in no time.