In the cold of winter bald eagles congregate around the Skagit River as salmon make their way upstream. Watch these majestic predators soar and hunt from a tranquil float with no rapids and little paddling necessary.

  •   Season: December-January

  •   Difficulty: Beginner

  •   Length: 17 miles

  •   Time: 3-3.5 hours

  •   Age: 12+

  •   Members Fee: $40

  •   Guests Fee: $50

The Skagit river section we float during the winter does not offer any whitewater action at all. What it does have is spectacular winter views of the Skagit River valley and all of the bald eagles that flock to the area to hunt the local salmon.

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Non-cotton apparel
  • Warm clothing

Note: The waters will be extremely cold and the air not much warmer.

  • Lifejacket
  • Paddle
  • Glass containers
  • Anything that cannot get wet

As a club, we require everyone who rafts with us to be a member or guest of a BEWET member. You can sign up for membership here. Note you must be a BEWET member or add a membership prior to completing registration.