The Wenatchee offers the perfect combination of close proximity to Seattle and solid Class III whitewater action.

  •   Season: June-July

  •   Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

  •   Length: 14 miles

  •   Time: 3.5-4 hours

  •   Age: 12+

  •   Members Fee: $40

  •   Guests Fee: $50

Without a doubt, the most rafted river in Washington State. From Leavenworth to Cashmere is a 15-17 mile run of Big Wave class III water - Boulder Bend, Rock-n-Roll, Gopher Patch & Gorilla Falls, Drunkard's Drop, Snow Blind, Granny's and Suffocator. In between rapids it's fun in the sun, and Class V water fighting! This river contains a weir (low level dam) at the lunch stop, just after Rock-n-Roll, which must be portaged for safety reasons. A bonus with this river – a rarity only found in Washington and Brazil – are apple juice pipelines. During apple high-yield years, Washington state apple producers will actually bleed off apple juice into the river. Exclusive to the Wenatchee River, rafters can pass underneath these run offs and treat themselves to some of the freshest apple juice in the world!

After the rafting is over we provide club members and trip passengers the opportunity to join us at a local campground for a pot luck and BBQ.

  • Sturdy shoes
  • Non-cotton apparel
  • Sun screen
  • Day bagged lunch
  • Leash/croakies for glasses
  • Water gun

Note: The waters can be extremely cold even though the air is +90F. We strongly recommend renting/borrowing a wetsuit. No one who wore one complained about being cold, can't say the same for those who opted out. In Leavenworth you can rent from Osprey the morning of (call for pricing), or a local venue in Seattle.

  • Lifejacket
  • Paddle

Note: Helmets are not required for this river, though they can be provided upon special request. If one person in the boat wears a helmet, everyone must wear a helmet.

  • Glass containers
  • Anything that cannot get wet

In order to sustain our club we require everyone who rafts with us to be a member of BEWET at an additional cost of $10 per person. To sign up as a group, all Boeing employees MUST register individually with the club.

No trips currently available for registration.

Registration typically does not open until 1 month before trip dates.